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Good chapter was started with the goal of focusing on one thing - something that would be really simple, that everyone could be doing more, but that would make a really big difference in your life. So we imagined a world where people wrote more encouraging notes.

Imagine what it would feel like if you opened your mailbox and, shuffled in between all the junk mail, you discovered an unexpected note from a friend just wanting to let you know that they were thinking about you. Or coming home after a long day and finding a note on the kitchen counter telling you how much you’re appreciated. Or opening up your bag to discover a note slipped in the pocket for you to read while on your lunch break.

What do these notes say? Do they need to be deep or profound? No way! Maybe it’s a silly sketch of a fun time you had together. Or a reminder of a favorite memory. Or perhaps a top 5 list of endearing quirks that make you special. It doesn’t really matter so much what it says. What matters is that someone cared enough to think about you and unexpectedly send an encouraging note.

Now imagine that you were the one who made note writing a part of your routine. You could be sure that people would literally be saying, “wow, [insert your name] is so amazing and thoughtful”. Because that’s the awesome, mind-blowing power of sending an encouraging note. When you share with others why they are amazing, your amazing meter also goes up. Way up!

So there you go. Good Chapter is here for one reason, and one reason only. And that is to help you get into the really simple, but life changing routine of writing more encouraging notes!

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